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Kyodai Remittance offers International Money Transfer provided by Unidos Co. Ltd. Registered as Fund Transfer Agent approved by the Head of Kanto Regional Finance Bureau 00004; our multilingual staff has enormous experience on the remittance process and would be more than happy to help you send your money to the person you want to reach.

Transaction History Record Certificate

1. By email

√ Copy of your valid Residence Card (foreigners) / Copy of your valid Menkyosho (Japanese), both sides.

√ Have a previously registered email with Kyodai Remittance.
If you do not have a registered email, please register one and request your Transaction History Record Certificate from that email.

2. Counter

√ Present your valid Residence Card (foreigners) /Menkyosho (Japanese)
At any of the following agencies: Gotanda, Shinjuku I, Shinjuku II, Isesaki, Yamato, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka.
To avoid any inconvenience please check the opening hours of our agencies before visiting us.


Notice of arrangement in <Important Items>④.We have executed safeguarding guarantee agreement with Tokyo Tomin Bank instead of Tsukuba Bank. March 31, 2017


Dear customer:

We are changing the current Kyodai Remittance card


You can get the New Kyodai card for free



Important Notice to Customer

Dear Customer:

We thank you all of you for using our overseas money transfer services.
According to the new law concerning “Individual Number” to be put in effective Jan 1, 2016, each customer is newly requested to inform his/her Individual Number to  money transfer business entities including our company at the time of applying money transfer transaction. The relevant law is “Law on Tax Report with regards External Money Transfer – In Japanese text Naikokuzei no tekiseina kazei no kakuho wo hakarutameno kokugaisoukintou ni kakawaru chousho no teishututou ni kansuru houritsu” Under this law all financial institutions are effective Jan 1, 2016 newly required to let customer inform his/her Individual Number in addition to Name, Address, and are required to confirm this at the time of accepting overseas money transfer.
According to this provision, customers are required to take following procedures:

As for those customers who have not been notified Individual Number is non-relevant in this new treatment.

<For new customers who apply registration to our overseas money transfer services>
For those customers who apply registration at the counter, you are requested to fill out in addition to registration form a new form of “Declaration of Individual Number” with presenting either “Notification of Individual Number” or “Individual Number Card” to counter teller. For those customers who apply registration via postal mail, you are requested to send registration forms with attachment of copy of either “Notification of Individual Number” or “Individual Number Card”.

Our company has given grace period until 2016 September 30 for the customers who have been notified Individual Number but not yet declared his/her Individual Number to our company. For those customers who have not yet completed declaration, please be careful enough to fulfill declaring your number by the end of this period, after Oct 1, 2016, the money transfer request will be suspended.

<For existing customers>
For those customers who are already registered prior to Jan 1, 2016, you are requested to submit filled out “Declaration of Individual Number” at the counter or send filled out “Declaration of Individual Number” by postal mail. Upon visiting our counter, you are kindly requested to present either  “Notification of Individual Number” or “Individual Number Card” to counter teller.  Upon sending filled out “Declaration of Individual Number”, you are kindly requested to include copy of either “Notification of Individual Number” or “Individual Number Card”.
“Declaration of Individual Number” can be downloaded from our home page.
Your understanding and cooperation with this matter is highly appreciated.
For detail information please contact our counter.

For more information regarding MY NUMBER visit the official website (external link):



Dear Customers

Thank you for joining Kyodai Remittance member.

Prior to start using Kyodai Remittance,  please keep in mind following points:


1.  Please do not let other person use your Kyodai Card. It is for your use only.


2.  According to certain remitting countries, there are the cases of cash payment amount limit is levied owing to the country regulation or owing to our overseas payout agency’s conditions.  In order to avoid such confusion, please make sure to have a prior contact with receiver.  As for remitting country payout agency information,  please refer to Kyodai Remittance homepage or our counter.


3.  Please be careful enough not to be involved in international fraud.  Prior to apply for money transfer, please make sure whether you know receiver well.  Please make sure what is the purpose of money transfer, are you sure you are all right to go ahead with this money transfer?

Unidos Co., Ltd.


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